The Company


Starting as Sole Proprietor in March 1992 and upgrade to Private Limited on 17th April 1997, Satar Empire Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Satar Landscaping Sdn Bhd) has a remarkable track record in providing high quality landscape in construction works and detail. Satar Empire Sdn Bhd also has a certified workmanship and provide a great and full commitment in servicing field of construction and maintenance works.

Working around the four pillars of Creativity- Teamworks- Finance- Results-, we ensure every client gets what they are looking for "a little bit extra"






          Our phenomenal knowledge in
          plant life combination, color
          and texture coordination as well
          as hardscapes placements had
          enable us to change simple
          designs into extraordinary
          masterpieces that will put
          a smile in every client.
       Our team of
       experienced technical
       professionals are able
       to combine
       available resources and diverse
       environmental conditions in
       providing excellent quality 
       beyond expectations.
      With strong
      financial fundamentals
      throughout the years,
      we have
      grown our capabilities
      in taking on
      multiple large
      projects concurrently.
      Rest assured that
      we are capable
      in taking on landscaping
      of any size.
      Our result speak volumes about
      out ability in maximizing each
      client's investment to create
      amazing and sustainable
      landscape that everyone can